A Gallup's Life

Monday, September 29, 2008


Okay guys not only r we actually moving houses but the bolg has also been moved you can now find us at


Thursday, September 4, 2008

!!!Girl Time!!!

So like I said before I have recently taken a vacation from my normal everyday life and went with some girlfriend out to California! We went out there for my new jewelry biz and OMG so much fun!!

We had a formal night (hey just like a cruise ship) on Sat. night for the awards ceremony. and I have to say watching everyone get award for doing something they love was so inspiring! I cant wait till I get to walk across the stage to be acknowledged for something that I love to do!!

So I know that we are dorks but who cares it was fun, John (Cookie Lee's hubby) bought Cookie this thing as a joke and then they put it out so that everyone could sit on it. It is supposed to be an abb workout thing but it feels like you are on one of those bronco thing, so we were just playing around!

The company also has a Mercedes program, that I cant wait till I get one! But anyways a Mercedes company brought out some cars for people to look at and I just had to take a pic with one, so of course I choose the convertible but I was sad the top wasn't down. but oh well its still a hot little car!

Dinner with the group that we hung out with!

Open your eyes Linds.

Okay so here is Lindsay putting on a fake tan! I thought that they were nuts, but it looked so cool and really made her legs look GOOD!!
Okay so we like to take pics of our self but we had to no one else would they were all to busy!

So here is just a pic to give you an idea of how many people went to this convention. it was so many women that we took two hotels, not hotel rooms but two massive hotels right across the street from Disney Land! And i think that they said 3000 women were there for the weekend.

So on the last night it was party night!! and it was so cool how they set up the room it was like something right out of a movie. This first thing it an ice sculpture and they have pink lemonade every were. (in case you have not noticed Pink it Cookie Lee's favorite color so everything is pink!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lots of Stuff

Holy cow a long time has gone by and I don't even know what has happened to it so I'm sorry that it has been so long, I know you guys always look forward to my blog every day!! JK

So here is a little about what has been happening my dad has had another birthday so we all went out to dinner at Olive Garden!! YUMMY we love that place. And a little while ago we went shooting and got to shoot Aarons new shot gun for the first time and holy cow it was so much fun and it was easy. We went out to the desert down in Casa Grade and shot those little birdies and I got 3 out of 4 so I think I was pretty good and I think that Cristie has a video of that so I will have to get that from her one of these days and post that.

I also took a trip out to California this past weekend with some girl friends and we went for a Cookie Lee convention but it did not feel like work it was like a mini party all weekend!! O so by the way the new catalog came out and all I have to say is OMG I am in love with it. you guys have to check it out and you can just click on the Logo on the cover page to see it!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Puma Bark

So Aaron has a Play Station 3 or whatever the new one is and when you are exiting the game or movie it makes a clicking noise when you choose a button and Puma our dog thinks that something is going on so she will start to bark at it then when you eject the disk she will go nuts and it is so funny to watch. So here it is!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rain Rain Rain

Holy cow I don't know if it got like this ever were but we were coming back from Casa Grande on Sunday and we ran into a little traffic so we went on some back roads to get home and this is what we ran into!! And yes those are people you see sliding down the muddy slide on a golf course. If we did not have to go to dinner later i would have totally put my suit on and joined!!

If you look close at the car farther away, that is a Honda Civic and it is under water. The water went up past the tires (so i think it is safe to say it is ruined) that has to suck!

Weekend at Wade's

So Wade and Christy moved into there old bishops house, there bishop and his wife went on a mission out of the country so he asked Wade if they would like to live in the house while they are gone and they jumped on the chance! So this passed weekend we helped move them in. It was not to hard but it was so humid outside so it was not the pleasant. :( But they did get a pool!! Ya baby a pool we will be down there all the time to go swimming (and hang out of course). So Wade and Aaron had the brilliant idea to through our dog in the pool. If any of you know our dog she hates water Wade threw her in the pool at my moms house one to many times as a puppy. But surprisingly she did well she was just a little shaky. And also eye balling the side the hole time. Once she bolted off the board right into the wall. Poor Puma.